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Snapchat post leads to drug, gun arrests of 6 suspects | News

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Snapchat post leads to drug, gun arrests of 6 suspects

GAINESVILLE, Ga -- If you are going to commit a crime, you might not want to post video of yourself committing that crime on social media. That's what some suspects in Gainesville did this past Christmas Eve, gift-wrapping an arrest for police.

It couldn’t have been more convenient, according to Sgt. Kevin Holbrook. “We were given a gift from a citizen here in Gainesville,” he said. “They practically wrapped it, delivered it, and sealed it for us.”

The citizen, who is not being identified, told police they saw some very disturbing photos and videos on the social media app Snapchat. Police were surprised at what they saw several people doing in the video. “They were displaying firearms, displaying drugs so that all could see,” Sgt. Holbrook said. “They were definitely showing off as if they had no worries who even saw it.”

Using location services, police were able to track the videos to an apartment complex where most residents were rapt with anticipation of what they might find under the tree. But, in one apartment, a gift was already waiting for police. Six people inside the apartment were positively identified as being in the videos and photos on Snapchat.

Charged with Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Related Objects were Mark Luis Marti, 23, Andre Rashad Sewell, 21, Cameron Keisean Goss, 19, Shuntrease M. Watkins, 20, Daquan Roshad Dowell, 17, and a juvenile.

Here are the suspects' mugshots


Police recovered some marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and a handgun that was recently stolen in a car break-in. But Sgt. Holbrook said the video showed the suspects using other drugs. “And those narcotics were believed to be some methamphetamine as well as possibly cocaine,” he said. “These individuals also had a number of weapons.

Holbrook said the greatest gift, or evidence are the photos and videos. “When it comes to evidentiary purposes, there is no better or greater evidence than that of photos and videos,” he said.

Police expect to make more arrests because some of the suspects who were seen in the videos had already left the apartment before police arrived.

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