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GOP hopeful Ben Carson visits Atlanta, accuses Democrats of perpetuating poverty. | News

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GOP hopeful Ben Carson visits Atlanta, accuses Democrats of perpetuating poverty.

HALL COUNTY, Ga. -- A big political weekend wrapped up Sunday in metro Atlanta.

On Saturday, GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump was in Gwinnett County for a rally. And on Sunday, the candidate running a close second- Dr.Ben Carson -was in Hall County.

In many ways, the two candidates are personality polar opposites. Trump is bold and brash, while Carson is more quiet and easy-going. But both are attracting huge crowds with their outsider messages. And Sunday, it was Carson's turn to be center-stage.

During his book tour here in Georgia, the celebrated neurosurgeon seized upon his medical expertise to diagnose the current condition of the country.

"We have a nation that is critically ill," he told the large crowd at Free Chapel Church in Gainesville. "And we're going to have to spend a lot of time and effort seeing if we can revive the nation."

Carson addressed the congregation, making it clear that he would not be silenced by the bullies of political correctness.

"And while you're not talking about it, they change everything," he said. "They change the very moral fabric of our society and no one wants to talk about it."

With a friendly crowd that responded often with applause, Carson found himself preaching to the choir on issues like states' rights.

"The legislators and the judges at the state level are subject to the will of the people. And the country is supposed to be about the peopleā€¦ not a bunch of judges who are not elected."

He also addressed the hot-button issue of gay marriage.

"It was never intended that anybody should have any extra rights; and that they should get to redefine everything for everybody else."

And he accused the political left of perpetuating poverty with false compassion.

"Patting them on the head and saying, 'There, there, you poor little thing. You can't take care of yourself, and I'm going to give you food-stamps, and I'm going to give you housing subsidies and free health care, and all the things that you need, so that you can stay dependent and vote for me.' That's what's really deceptive," he said to a resounding ovation.

Carson says he has been "demonized" by democrats for not caring about the poor. But Carson, who grew up in poverty himself, told the crowd that he wants to give the disadvantaged the right tools they need to succeed, not just what have become generational hand-outs from the democrats.


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