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Wanna track your pregnancy? There's an app for that | Families

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Wanna track your pregnancy? There's an app for that
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Wanna track your pregnancy? There's an app for that

GAINESVILLE, Ga. -- These days, technology makes anything easier, including your pregnancy.

Gainesville OB/GYN Dr. Keshma Saujani developed the Luv Dub and Belly Booth apps for her patients to have a way to document and share moments from their pregnancies.

Luv Dub allows expectant mothers to create a journal of the pregnancy: keeping notes, logging dates and recording every heartbeat and ultrasound along the way. Those pictures can then be emailed or posted directly to Facebook or Twitter.

"It occurred to me when I would have patients that would come and couldn't bring their family or their husband," Saujani said.

With the second app, Belly Booth, a mom-to-be can take a picture of her growing belly each day of her pregnancy. The app then organizes those photos into a cartoon-style flip book to show size progression.

Already, the apps have gone global. Saujani estimates more than 5,000 downloads since they hit the market in October.

Stephanie Mostiler, an expectant mom and patient at Longstreet Clinic, says she will use the app to send pictures of little Joshua to her family out of state.

"It starts the bonding process," she said. "I have the joy of being able to have and carry him, but also being able to show the pictures and everybody being able to see him and hear his heartbeat and see his face."

Both apps are free to download and are available for iPhone or iPad.

For more information on the Luv Dub click here, and click here to learn more about Belly Booth.

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