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New Book by Author Barbara J. Peters Highlights 7 Keys to Relationship Success | Arts & Culture

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New Book by Author Barbara J. Peters Highlights 7 Keys to Relationship Success
New Book by Author Barbara J. Peters Highlights 7 Keys to Relationship Success

In her newly released book, “He Said, She Said, I Said,” author and couples therapist Barbara J. Peters highlights seven keys to building and maintaining a successful relationship. In this easy-to-read book, Peters uses actual comments that she hears from the couples she counsels and then offers a perspective that can open up the possibility for a different approach to common ground in the areas of communication, trust, forgiveness, intimacy, acceptance, friendship, and love.


In her daily counseling practice, Peters began to notice a consistency in the areas of concern and even thought patterns of the couples she counseled. She states that often, when couples are engaged in the dance of relationship, they can get caught in the trap of what they think is happening instead of stepping out of that mire to find out what is really going on. When situations occur where opinions or points of view differ, a couple’s connection can either be strengthened or weakened depending on how their differences are handled. According to Peters, “This book takes some universal concerns, questions, and thoughts and gives new perspectives for making relationships work.”


One of the “He Saids” that Peters uses in the book is: “When I do something that hurts her, I say I’m sorry over and over again, but it just doesn’t seem to be enough.” Part of the response that Peters gives is: [When we hurt someone we love] “We can begin by apologizing, being sincere with our words of promise for new beginnings in the relationship. It’s also important to affirm the hurt we have caused and let loved ones know we made a terrible mistake with what we said or did. Affirming feelings on both sides and allowing responses to flow are the keys to a meaningful apology.”


The book was published by Boutique of Quality Books Publishing Company and is available through http://www.shopboutiqueofqualitybooks.com/, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million and independent booksellers nationwide.


Peters is also the author of “The Gift of a Lifetime, Building a Marriage That Lasts. A Long Island native, Peters has made Georgia her home for the last twenty-four years; her private counseling practice is in Cumming and she and her husband live in Big Canoe. She is devoted to her family of two grown daughters, four grandchildren, and a Shih Tzu name GingerLily who often accompanies her to work.

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