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7 Keys to Being Loving All Year Long | Arts & Culture

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7 Keys to Being Loving All Year Long
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7 Keys to Being Loving All Year Long

Every year when February rolls around, people start thinking about hearts, flowers, and love. Those who have a loving relationship look forward to the opportunity to express and receive endearments; those who don’t, would like to kick Valentine’s Day and Cupid off the edge of a cliff.  Yet, according to relationship counselor and author, Barbara J. Peters, “Showing you care is not a one day a year deal. It requires ongoing attention and action.”

By following these 7 steps, ‘being loving’ can become a part of your relationship and your life.

  1. All year long, pay attention to what brings your partner joy. Give according to their love language and see what magic can be conjured up. Consider the designated February heart holiday as a marker for the rest of the world and make your partner feel like a special valentine every day.
  2. Remember that love changes as people change. When difficult times come, make an effort to remember what got you together in the first place. Take time to reminisce about your beginnings and to “date” and be alone to reconnect. You may find that “being in love” might not look the same as it did when you were first together, but it can feel the same and that’s what makes it worthwhile.
  3. Offer companionship and warmth with realistic expectations, and you may experience being truly loved and adored in return.
  4. Don’t ever assume your partner knows you love them “just because you’re there.”  Express your love in words and actions on an everyday basis. Even though you may often think warm, snuggly thoughts about the one you love, if those thoughts are not turned into words or actions, your partner doesn’t have the pleasure of experiencing them.
  5. You can’t quantify love. Just simply receive and enjoy it in all its many forms.
  6. Don’t have tunnel vision when it comes to your life or your relationship. Be willing to look around, see what different choices you can make individually and together, and then go for it. Use your time to create moments that help your life and relationship bloom and prosper.
  7. At the end of every day, think about how you expressed affection for the one you love and care about. Did you give him or her reasons to fall in love with you all over again?

A full-time relationship counselor, Peters has two published books on the subject of love and relationships: The Gift of a Lifetime: Building a Marriage That Lasts and He Said, She Said, I Said: 7 Keys  to a Successful Relationship. Both books are available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well from the publisher’s website at www.shop.boutiqueofqualitybooks.com

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