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Chattahoochee Golf Course Closes on Mondays to Preserve Greens | Sports & Recreation

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Chattahoochee Golf Course Closes on Mondays to Preserve Greens

Due to the excessive summer heat the City of Gainesville has decided to close Chattahoochee Golf Course on Mondays. City Manager Kip Padgett announced the plan today at the request of Golf Course Director Rodger Hogan. Hogan said the investment in the building of the bent grass greens is considerable and to lose them to heat would be devastating and costly to replace.

“We have experienced more than 40 days of temperatures over 90 degrees and in some cases over 100 degrees. We posted signs around the clubhouse today announcing that the course will be closed on Mondays beginning August 2 in order to give the greens a day to rest. We appreciate our customers understanding the precautionary measures we are taking to keep Chattahoochee in the best condition possible,” Hogan said.

Hogan also said many other courses are experiencing severe heat stress on their bent grass greens as well.

For more information you can reach Rodger Hogan at 770-532-0066.

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