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10 year old Author from North Georgia is now a Popular Speaker at Local Elementary Schools | Arts & Culture

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10 year old Author from North Georgia is now a Popular Speaker at Local Elementary Schools
10 year old Author from North Georgia is now a Popular Speaker at Local Elementary Schools

Gainesville, GA--  (submitted by Terri Leidich)

Ten-year-old published author, Sarah Voskamp, is becoming a much sought-after speaker for North Georgia elementary schools. Author of the newly published book Filly Girls, Sarah has already visited schools in Dawsonville, Cumming and Gainesville with appearances set up as far out as May for schools in Marietta and Duluth, with new requests coming in each week.

“Principals and teachers are recognizing that Sarah can help set a positive example of what even children can do when they have a passion and follow their dreams,” states Kim Voskamp, Sarah’s mother who is not only one of her daughter’s biggest fans, but also her driver, marketing manager and agent. “Young minds seem to be opening up to their own possibilities as they see and hear what Sarah is doing and how she is believing in what she can do,” Kim adds.

And the limelight is not in the least bit intimidating to the young author who answers questions with calm and poise that isn’t always present in authors three or four times her age. Publisher Terri Leidich credits the development of those qualities in someone so young a lot to the way that Sarah’s parents Kim and Leo Voskamp include the young author in every decision that has been or will be made in regard to her first book and her writing in general. “Sarah has been a part of every decision that was made in bringing her book to publication. And while she is a very self-assured young girl to begin with, I can see even more poise and confidence settling in as she experiences successes and makes new decisions,” states Leidich.

The book was just released in mid-December and Sarah is already receiving fan mail. An email from Isabelle clearly states her thoughts, “I love your book! It’s amazing a 10 year old wrote THAT! Anyway it’s a great book and u r an AWESOME writer! I hope u keep writing! I KNOW u will be the next J.K. Rowling!!!!!!”

The book was published by Boutique of Quality Books Publishing Company, an organization that focuses on new writers. According to Leidich, “We concentrate solely on the quality of writing, a writer’s passion for what they do and whether or not they are willing to help us make their manuscript into the very best book that it can be. And Sarah has all those qualities, even though she is only ten-years-old.”

The book is available through a myriad of independent bookstores throughout the country and at www.boutiqueofqualitybooks.com as well as at www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com.

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